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Over the past 35 years, more than 10,000 attorneys have learned the full Litigation Risk Analysis techniques to help them make better litigation and settlement decisions in important cases. In corporations, decision-tree analysis has long been employed on the business side to make major decisions. More and more, top management is realizing that the same approach should be applied to legal matters — and that it can be, with equal or even greater success. Therefore a number of corporate law departments now make it mandatory for their attorneys to perform a full Litigation Risk Analysis on all significant matters. The same is true among major claims units at a number of insurance companies. This has produced substantial benefits:

Outside counsel are increasingly appreciating how Litigation Risk Analysis can help them better serve their clients by putting their legal advice in the quantitative business language of decision trees, probabilities and possible outcomes. Many firms elect to train not only their own attorneys, but also their clients. This has been beneficial to these firms because using Litigation Risk Analysis — and having it known by corporate counsel that you use it — strengthens relations with existing clients and helps to attract new ones.

At first glance, Litigation Risk Analysis can appear
to be mainly about numbers and math.

And there are, in fact, tremendous advantages to quantifying one’s judgment calls and using the arithmetic of probability theory to arrive at the best overall litigation and settlement strategies.

But Litigation Risk Analysis is far more.

The heart of our method lies in teaching attorneys and claims managers how better to:

And it's mastering these steps that actually requires more training than learning the arithmetic. The fact that software can quickly do the math only underlines the need for our training — without it, you are likely to end up with nothing more than “garbage-in, garbage-out.”

Learning the full Litigation Risk Analysis methodology requires a thorough introduction to all of the techniques, hands-on practice, and critical feedback. Individuals can get this training at the public seminars offered by Marc Victor (see our course description and schedule/registration information).

For groups, we also offer private inhouse programs that can be tailored to your specific types of cases, all the way from insurance bodily injury claims to complex patent infringement disputes. For the range of inhouse training options, visit our inhouse programs page.


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