Achieving the benefits of the Litigation Risk Analysis techniques requires expert training, hands-on practice, and critical feedback. We offer different levels of CLE-approved programs that can be combined and tailored to meet your specific needs. Examples can be drawn from commercial contract, personal injury, products liability, employment discrimination, patent infringement, medical malpractice, or other types of disputes. 

Half-Day Introduction. This program introduces attorneys to the concepts behind Litigation Risk Analysis and demonstrates why performing such analyses can be of great value in evaluating cases. It uses a highly interactive format to present each of the steps involved in performing a full risk analysis.

One-Day Seminar. This course provides a thorough look at the techniques through alternating lectures and participant workshops. Those who complete this course should be able to perform simple analyses themselves, as well as understand more sophisticated analyses performed by attorneys with more risk analysis experience.

Two-Day Seminar, including Software Training. Developing the skills to perform more sophisticated analyses requires additional training, hands-on practice, and instructor feedback. This is usually accomplished by adding a second day to the one-day seminar. The emphasis on Day 2 is on application more than lecture, and the workshops can be based on one of your current cases. Another significant benefit of the Two-Day program is that participants also receive the Software Training described below.

Software Training. More analyses are done — and done better — when people use decision tree software. Our software training quickly gets attorneys and legal assistants up to speed on all the features of TreeAge Pro that are needed to construct and evaluate litigation trees. While this training can be conducted on a stand-alone basis at any time, it is most often incorporated on Day 2 of a Two-Day Seminar.

Follow-up Review. To solidify people’s skills, a follow-up program can be implemented in the months following a seminar. Each team of participants submits analyses of two current cases. The first (simpler) is reviewed by phone, while the second (more complex) is critiqued in more depth during a return visit to your offices.




From the Law Department. Most companies include all lawyers in the initial one-day seminar (because the techniques are as valuable for non-litigators as they are for litigators) and then tailor the second day around a smaller litigation group only.

Outside Counsel. Companies often invite those outside counsel with whom they work most regularly on important cases. Doing so provides inside and outside counsel with a common methodology and language for assessing and communicating about litigation risks.


From the Firm. Most courses are designed for partners and senior associates. Some firms include all lawyers in a half-day or one-day program — because the techniques are as valuable for non-litigators as they are for litigators — and then tailor a second day around a smaller litigation group only.

Clients. Because law firms have found our seminars to be an extremely effective business development tool, most also invite clients and potential clients.


(Travel expenses are charged in addition.)

Half-Day Introduction. The fee ranges from $5,500 in the San Francisco Bay Area to $8,500 on the East Coast, plus $50 per attendee.

One-Day Seminar. The fee ranges from $9,000 in the San Francisco Bay Area to $12,000 on the East Coast, plus $100 per attendee.

Two-Day Seminar, including Software Training. A second day of training costs an additional $7,000 if the workshop case is drawn from our library. (If you prefer to have teaching materials developed based on some of your current litigation, please contact us to discuss pricing.)

Software Training (stand-alone basis). The fee for a stand-alone course ranges from $5,500 for a half day in the San Francisco Bay Area to $12,000 for a full day on the East Coast.

Follow-up Review. The fee ranges from $9,000 in the San Francisco Bay Area to $12,000 on the East Coast, plus $750 per team (2-4 people).



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