Takes the DRUDGERY Out of Litigation Risk AnalysisTM...

...and the AMBIGUITY Out of Communicating with Clients.

If you believe in the value of Litigation Risk Analysis, but find performing one by hand a bit daunting, help has arrived. TreeAge Pro decision-tree software from TreeAge Software, Inc., is an award-winning decision analysis program. TreeAge Pro assumes the user understands how to perform a Litigation Risk Analysis. But for those who do, it offers the unique combination of ease-of-use and extraordinary power that makes it practical to apply decision-tree analysis to virtually any legal problem.

With TreeAge Pro trees can be quickly constructed — just click to add nodes and branches, then type the names and probabilities right on the screen. Whole sections of trees can be easily copied, so large trees take only minutes. With a few clicks you can enter variables or formulas for one or multiple branches, or condense large trees with the use of "clones." And revisions take only seconds.

Once the tree is constructed, TreeAge Pro's analytical tools are right at hand. Put your pocket calculator away; all the math is done quickly and automatically. Plus, you can print attractive and easily understood trees and graphs that clearly communicate the results of your analysis.

Both annual and standard licenses, for either a single computer or a network, are available at www.treeage.com or by calling 1-413-458-0104. You can also download a free trial version that will allow you to see why we are convinced that TreeAge Pro is the best software product available for assistance in performing a Litigation Risk Analysis.

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